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The Hypocrites Poem


I had a dream of visiting heaven; a place I've never been before... Although it did look familiar...with golden streets, crystal seas, and more. I took a step but couldn’t go, That’s how it is in dreams, you know. But the thing that was strange is...everyone else passed me by... After awhile in my dream...I yelled out to God, “Why?” It was hard to take just standing there...and not being allowed to go in… Knowing...I had always tried to do right and been as good as these people had ever been. How could this be? I was a always a good man, never hurt no one, I always thought God would see that when my time was done. A voice came quiet and still to me, “Look at those people and tell me what you see?” “I see the ones that on Earth were Hypocrites,” I said, (*) “They said one thing and did the opposite. Now...It looks like they are dead! Why...Is it they are free to walk about in your heaven and I am not, O’ Lord?” “It is true on Earth…,” said He, “Many times these people did not abide by all my Word, And it is true...that they had many faults...which you are well aware... But they each sought me out...right or wrong...whereas you… you didn’t care. That is why...when their life on Earth had ended, They were called to be with my Son...whom they had befriended. A simple thing to believe in him...was all I asked of you, But you let other peoples you in what to do. And you hoped to stand before me have these people be your excuse? “The Hypocrites kept me from you, Lord”...Is that what you planned to use? Surely...I say before you this day... That it was not those people who got in your way. But...Your “hard-heartedness” for me...and my people,... Kept you away from me…and anything having to do with a steeple. And made you angry enough to give them the blame... Then...You used this reason to reject my Son when you knew his name. One does not have to be perfect to enter here or be above any blame... It was for that very reason...that my Son came. But...You don’t even understand what I tell you...because you are blind... Your anger for the ones that were Hypocrites...weighs too much on your mind. Now...Look around as you stand blocked at the front of heaven’s door... Look at the Ones...Who you called Hypocrites before ! And see...that with all their problems...I let them in... Not because they were perfect...or even free from sin. But because...they sought a relationship with my Son while they were on your planet... They may have been "mixed-up" with what they said, but they did not take him for granted. So now...When their time has come to enter Eterni-ty... They will be spending it...right here with me. While you...the one that judged each of these a Hypocrite, spending Eternity in a place known as Hell Fires Pit!” ____________________________________________________________ (*) Poem Author's Note: Consider your thinking on whether "two-faced" hypocritical people keep you away from a relationship with Jesus Christ. Please…Do not let other people’s actions get in the way of your thinking or getting to know Him...That’s all I’m asking!

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The Hypocrites Poem: Why would you listen to anyone that's "Two-Faced" anyway?

[DC Comics:Batman:"Two Face":1:2 Scale]

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