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I Ask Why Under A Midnight Sky

"To stare into this moon so bright, And watch the few stars around it…in its’ light."

"The stars are so distant...just like my thoughts," I say to only I,

"Under the Midnight Sky…I look to you…and I ask why?

“Why?”…“Oh, Why?”…“Why…?” “Do you not hear me when I cry? Have you not heard my longing or my sigh? Can’t you see that I feel as though I would die?” This sadness that I conquer takes a lot of me, My happiness I had…moved on...‘Cause it wanted to be free! I am left with only these things that hurt a great deal, They tug at me from both sides…till I don’t know how I feel. It makes me feel a little nauseas….in a really good sort of way, No…not really…I’m just trying to stay positive in what I say. There is a purpose for each man in his time under the sun… But looking up at this moon…it seems as though…mine is done. The world around me has turned out all the lights… How many times have I sat beneath this moon? How many nights? How many more before my world starts to turn…once again, I hold nothing against you…O’ Lord…you’re still my friend! Just…that I don’t feel nothing, nada, or anything… Or have one good memory left with which to cling, If I should feel so hopelessly depressed…and yet so sad, Then…Why on Earth do I feel so overwhelmingly glad? I ask you why Lord…under a midnight sky. Why do I do good that goes unnoticed…Why do I try? Why do I sin against you? When I am pure before you all is right; But…I don’t feel that way tonight. For this night…I’m slightly upset…and momentarily numb, I don’t feel all that smart…though…I know I’m not dumb. My feelings…are simply... just not there, I have a lot of doubts…and yet don’t feel enough to care. Under the midnight sky…I look to you…and I ask why? I told myself I’m not depressed though that may be a lie. With a heavy heart that yearns to have new joy, I look to you without another word left to employ. To stare into this moon so bright, And watch the few stars around it…in its’ light. To see that I am still standing…still breathing, To see that I’ve known joy…and I’ve known grieving. Makes me confused as to why… I stand below you in the midnight sky. (*) “Oh Lord!” I start to open my mouth and say, Then…my words in the night slowly fade away…

(*) The Poem Author would suggest that some things are made clear in the darkest hour.

Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved for "I Ask Why Under A Midnight Sky"

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