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No Medals Given

No medal shall be awarded, For a war which could not be afforded. For men that went out to perform their duties, Who didn’t sit around a bunch of media darling “cuties”. That’s right you all…who answered the call, Go do your heroics quietly…we can’t listen to them all. You see the battle you fought in was not approved by the public will, But…we are still glad that you go out to fight for us…still. It’s just we want a “hush-hush” concerning anything brave or good, There should be no heroics if we don’t agree or feel that we should. We are the majority…at least we say that we are…who hate to War, We don’t want any death and dying of our forces anymore. And we don’t want anything to happen to us with in our own shore, Now…isn’t that a wonderful hope and a peace positive wish, We love our enemies…Kiss, Kiss…Kiss, Kiss! They would never hurt us…why do we have to be so mean! We are a bad America…we’re the worst people I’ve ever seen! I don’t think that anyone likes War…even those trained in its ways... But that is not what gets spread around during War from what the media says. We sound like the evil incarnate ones according to our own sources, Of course, the ones that start the need for War have no remorse’s. So…don’t go out and win…try to be nice…and don’t you dare die! There are no medals to be handed out for this one…so don’t even try... We simply don’t approve of really having to use our military, You are there as a last resort; “Break Glass In Case of An Emergency”! But in this World…I don’t know the reason..."Why Can't We All Just Get Along?" Just don’t go into combat...and be a big “booger-head” bully…that would be wrong! Keep to yourself what really happened over there...Don’t state your views, And for “God-sake” don’t put anything good about it on the news... Our young ones that are all dying over there, We will listen to their story, and then lift their family in prayer, But when it’s all over…please don’t remind us…it’s not that we don’t care, It’s just that we don’t want to hear about any more fighting…over there! So today remember…as you put your life on the line... There’ll be no medals given...‘Cause we can’t hear about them all the time. We can’t be reminded anymore that we’re at War, Can’t you see we’re ignoring it…We don’t want to be over there anymore! So just do your tour of duty…though you volunteered for everyone around, And come back and fit into the mainstream...forget about why you left town. The War was bad and we were evil…let’s just leave it at that… There’s no need for medals or glory…just pick up from where you left at. That is the best thing…to forget the War ever happened in the first place, We don’t ever have Wars in the human race. That would be bad and that would be awful, I heard our Congress is going to make them unlawful. So go quietly...Fighting Force.. on your way... And watch out for anything heroic you might say... Because America can not promote that we might be a bully in anyway, That’s why we better “never-ever” hear a thing about how we ruled the day. So go about your duties, Warrior, sent on our behalf to fight, Just keep it to a minimum, about your accomplishments, on the news at night. And please don’t go out, and earn a medal during the battle, That would sound like we’re broadcasting about having our sabers’ rattle. And that’s very politically incorrect…just look at the War in Viet-Nam, We got all the terrible news…and didn’t have to hear about every bomb. Then, everyone stood up, and said that this was really bad... It was time to stop the War because we said it was too sad. What about all those lives that were lost? We regret all the lives this War has cost, But, we don’t want to be over there anymore. Can’t we just call a “time-out”...and pull out from the War? Can’t we just go about our normal day to day routine? And…not have some one trying to start a War with us, and be real mean... So…I guess what I am trying to say…if you haven’t caught on that well, Not having to ever go to War, sounds a nursery rhyme fairy tale. It’s not that I don’t wish it wasn’t true, in a real sense... But, the truth is that we must always be on the defense. And, what is even more than true about that... Is we send our young ones in to where the fire is at... So…on the day they cross “a line in the sand” to stand for us in many firefights, Let’s back them with all our speech, heart, minds, camera’s, and "on-the-air" mic’s. ‘Cause…bottom line…they are over there for you…no matter what’s what, So…quit calculating all the “what if’s” and “should of’s”; There is no “but”! War is regrettably, a fact of life…it has always been, We have, what we have today, from the deaths of many fighting men. That doesn’t mean that you have to like War for any reason, It’s still OK to support our troops through the whole entire campaign season! Look to your American fighting force that has gone into harm’s way, And start pinning the medals on each one, each…and every day! So…to restate my message...and also make it very clear, We need more medals handed out by our President…more than a few a year! We need the news to put on a better spin…to what our individual troops do... To back each one in what they are each going through... And for God’s sake…while there is a War going on don’t put our troops down, What the heck does it hurt anyway to pass out medals…all around? Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Side Note: Sending our troops into battle and then not backing them 100% like cutting away the safety line that is holding you up on a mountain climb.

C’Mon, American People…It’s a War…IT'S NOT A GOOD THING TO BEGIN WITH! Supporting our Troops is about backing them all the time. Don’t let the media tell you what to think!

This Poem Is A Tribute. It Is For Those That Gave Their All With No Thought For Themselves Or For Receiving A Medal…And For That You Have My Eternal Gratitude …And That of Our Nation…And I Pray Our Nation Never Forgets All That ALL Of You've Done…I Know I Won’t.


Medal of Honor (For the Navy, Marine Corp, and the Coast Guard)The Medal of Honor has other designs for the other Branches of the Military.

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