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Trails, and Trails Abound

10minutes2relax - Fall in the Forest Creative Commons Attribution License | Source

When You are Young and Venture out into the Forest...A Real Forest where you are the only one around:

Trails, and Trails Abound, The Woods are quiet…but still make a sound. The Forest can be seen from every angle, Yet, not through the brush…where it is all tangled. A Snake…did it slither nearby? You may not make it out of here…maybe even die. You’re very young, but your heart beats very fast, This trail fades away with new growth…down to the very last. You’re scared to be here…though what could cause you harm? Is there an Alligator nearby that will bite off your arm? Will Armadillos come and carry you away? Will Racoons block the trail and force you to stay? Water moccasins and Bobcats could come after you, And Bigfoot, too…What are you going to do? You're deep inside the Forest now, You’ll have to find your way out somehow. Before the night brings all kinds of critters out, And makes your nerves fritter about. You're scared and for some reason…you have that right, Though the worst thing that could happen would be to get lost at night. There is nothing around that can cause you pain, Well, maybe poison ivy or getting caught out in the rain. The Forest is peaceful and quiet as you walk along through it, So keep on hiking through it…You can't stop now...You can't quit.. No scary things are around to get you…except a Spider or two. Nothing anywhere around that can make a meal of you. Your active imagination is your own worst enemy… Did you see something move behind that tree? Nothing but a Mockingbird flying around… Making a nest from sticks...found on the ground. Copperheads and Timber Rattlers are somewhere out here you know, Most will speed away...long before you get near…they got'ta to go. Take a breath and look around for a minute, And see that you are all alone in it ! Know that the Forest is not a scary place… The smell of the Pines…and a whispering breeze...should bring a smile to your face. You made it where few have dared to travel, And can see the beauty of the Forest and marvel. You're alone for the first time…deep in the woods…and all alone, If you follow that trail over there…it will take you straight home. How weird it is to be all alone in the Forest, it kind of makes you think, What is so dangerous about out here…as the Hawk above gives you a wink. Now staying take it all in, You notice a Bullfrog…near the creek…who jumps in for a swim. A couple of Crows squawk a small field...through the trees, You stop and look down at a strange looking bug…on bended knees. The Air is fresh and cool at the same time, The Air all by itself…is enough…to clear your mind. And suddenly, your body is not so tense, As far away, you see a Buck jumping over a barbed wire fence. The Turtles in the creek are all wondering why you’re here, And for once…since you took this path…it becomes abundantly clear. What you once feared has become a newfound memory, I wonder what other things in this big ol’ World…there is to see? A journey through a dense Forest that you decided you needed to go, Has suddenly become a place that only you and your heart knows. You see it in your dreams each night as you take each step by memory, To see each and every thing just the way that it was that day, so clearly. And feel the way you felt that day...for a that natural habitat, Knowing no matter what you do...that deep inside that Forest is where your heart is at. You will venture to many places and do various things as you go along further in time, But nothing can make you forget that walk through the Forest which is deep inside your mind. Until one day...with creaky venture back through there again, To find that it is exactly the way you left it has always been. Trails, and Trails abound, The woods are quiet…but still make a sound.

© 2021 ManlyPoetryMan

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