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Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Planet...(Huh?)

Updated: May 20, 2022

To all the fine, upstanding Manly Poetry Readers out there:

To all the Ones who like a little humor...a little wit...a little bit of trying to sort things out for themselves...and on their own...(You know: Basically, Think for yourself). For those who would rather strike out on their own to read and learn about the World around them...the World of readings and writings that came before they arrived on the Planet. May I suggest... for your intellectual amusement...this somewhat "Kooky" poem tribute to a "Nonsense Poem" from long ago: "Jabberwocky" (By Lewis Carroll). This is one of my first attempts to have fun with a Nonsense Poem. Hope you like it!

So...with no further ado...I bring for your amusement:

Waking up on the

wrong side of the

planet! Huh...?

On this fine day I looked around and saw…

That chaos has been sprayed out …from wall to wall!

I turned left, everyone else went right.

I can’t wait till I’m back home, and safe for the night.

Did the world stop spinning-or did I land on alien soil?

Did my mind finally fracture-Have I lost for all I toil?

Can I pick back up the pieces-though I’m still missing a few?

May I stop to smell the roses-bright and red-with morning dew?

Do I look but never find you?

Should I scream from not knowing what to do!

Is it all my imagination-or am I torn by how I feel?

Can I snap out of it for a moment or is this all way too real?

Did I enter into a new dimension?

Maybe, this dread is from previous apprehension?

Perhaps it shall all change…Oh why bother!

A train wreck or a sunny day…it’s just one or the other!

Oh…for all the good days that I took for granted,

Back before I woke up on the wrong side of the planet!


Now is a good time to tell ya’,

That I have nothing more to add…“duh”!

You have worked, and worked, then got up to do it again,

Its’ like we are on a “never-ending” carousel ride, my friend.

But…What the heck else would we all be doing,

Find out who’s screwing with your head…and start suing!

Don’t get caught up on…you know… life’s rollercoaster,

Grab your coffee on the way out the door; Grab your breakfast from the toaster.

Hit the traffic jam that’s been waiting for you to join in,

And...the one that’s waiting for you at your day’s end.

Don’t get sloppy on your daily commute route,

Aren’t you glad that this is what life’s all about?

Life is crazy in its' normalcy…

I think on that subject we can all agree.

Go ahead, and stretch your tie tight,

Make sure to straighten-up, and fly right,

What do you mean that you don’t understand?

What in the world is wrong with you, Man?


Are you starting to feel the crazy yet?

Hang on…it will get to ‘ya soon…I bet.

The fun part, and all the kookiness, too.

Why…They just can’t wait to make an example out of you!

Haven’t you heard what it is that I am saying?

We must form a committee…someone must start paying!

Or are you so simply aggravated at the mere touch of a button,

Do I have to tell you again...If so...then how can I pass you the baton?

Is this poem still getting crazier by the minute?

That’s because it has been found to have life’s nonsense in it.

Do you find this to be poematically offensive?

Don’t come at me with anything…that is not constructive.

Can’t you see that I am trying to do you a favor,

What can you do when Salt has lost all its’ flavor?

A contrast from a radically different point of view,

Can’t you see that’s what I y’am up in your face…trying to tell you?

Come on “Man-up”, lil one…we got a long way to go till we’re through,

Oh relax….what can you do about it…no really…what could you do?


Let me now invoke a famous “Rocky Horror” Movie Quote, and say, “Damn it, Janet!”

You stepped into the Twilight Zone today…Waking up on the wrong side of the planet.

Huh?...Right!?…This Poem is really starting not to make too much sense?

At least, when you’re too busy choosing both sides…as you straddle the fence!

This is indeed…very whacked out…Yeah…I believe this is pretty crazy,

Especially…since all your minds have literally become so weak and lazy!

To the job, 9 to 5, working all day, ‘cause it takes all day just to cover your own butt,

To move up to an upper echelon position, and be part of the same “blame game” rut.

Do my words now make your head hurt?

Has this become a disaster with which I continue to flirt?

Isn’t it such a wild ride to be here on Planet Earth?

Why…you only figurin’ that out now…haven’t you been here since birth?

The time has come and it shall be done,

For a man, each man, to see that he’s, “The One”.

You have worked hard to become all that you are,

That don’t mean…you can start looking above your name for a “Gold Star”!

No Worries, Mate… the agony is almost over…Yes…The end is near!

So…Raise your glass high…this (here) poem is almost over; Give a cheer!

Have a toast with beer, martini, whiskey sour, or perhaps...even a shot of warm Saki,

This Poem (right here) is my modern tribute to the one known as “Jabberwocky”...


Like the Poem author said…This is a tribute to “Jabberwocky”. A poem where everything is made clear as you go through it…though a great deal is nonsense!

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son. The jaws that bite, the claws that catch. Beware the juju bird and shun the frumious Bandersnatch." from "Jabberwocky"; A poem by Lewis Carroll.

Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved

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