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Coffee, Aspirin with Caffeine

I don’t need a $5.00 espresso, well extracted from the coffee bean... For I have a real cheap jump starter, Coffee and Aspirin with Caffeine! Oh I know what doctor’s tell don’t find me naïve in what I say... My doctor has also advised me that for my heart to take an aspirin a day. I’m just passing on a little jovial thing that I have noticed on accident... Buying Aspirin that contains Caffeine in money that's well spent. If your doctor told you the same thing as will find... The extra kick with your morning coffee will help clear out the cobwebs in your mind! So go ahead and wean off Starbuck’s or the machine in the convenience store, You are strong and you can make it, you don’t need their “hook-up” anymore! Go ahead and start to load up…what the heck…add some extra Vivarin, Just be smart and don’t get too wired on too much caffeine and aspirin. Then your boss might look at you real funny, once he sees the energy your projecting, And give you many more assignments...This is just a warning in case you need protecting. Find new ways to enjoy your free time with a few extra bucks in your pocket to boot... I just helped you save some time without your regular stop on your daily commute! Go ahead and express yourself...with this new found liberty... You are part of an elite crowd that has become “Espresso Trip-Free”! There’s no need for you to thank me...because in truth...we’re in this together, Just watch your intake of aspirin...In case you don’t know no better. Just keep it on the down low...I really can’t emphasis that enough... This helpful jolt of caffeine medication...entering your bloodstream mildly and not rough. Now you know this…keep it to you... Let each day you use this formula help to energize and renew. An aspirin or two with lots of coffee perking.... Take too much, and your hands will be jerking! Too much Coffee, Aspirin with Caffeine for me today…. I could go on and on…when there’s really not much more to say! This topic has gone on way too long when it should have already been retired... In my head…this poem can’t stop rhymin’…That’s cause I’m way too wired! Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved


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