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Mighty Mouse Rendition: Andy Kaufman

You showed up on Saturday Night Live, in some kind of smoking jacket, and with a phonograph… Andy…everyone in the room I was in…began to laugh. Then, you played “Mighty Mouse”, who was here to save the day, You had a “strange-mousy” accent with what you had to say. You did some hand gesture, while acting all polite and reserved, Andy…you sure got some laughs…and you sure got some nerve! You were one of the first crazy performers I remember of SNL, What crazy sketches…the whole cast…special guests…Mr. Bill! Who could match you playing a foreigner imitating the King on TV, Even Comic geniuses: Akroyd, Radner, Chase, Martin, and Belushi, Just had to watch and take notes as you entertained the audience, You had the right mix of “perceived-humor”, performance, and suspense, A “Song and Dance” man…with plenty of “goofing” and wits, You captivated the crowd…even on bongo those early SNL stage bits! That was all fun…but you had to move on…and so did we, The next time I saw you was as “Latka”, on a show called, “Taxi”. An immigrant mechanic who spoke a “goobly-goop” foreign tongue, Who would have known that this funny guy would leave us…so young! But there are those today…including me…that still believe, That you were inventing your greatest prank…and didn’t leave! Your brand of edgy comedy was on full display, As you went to host a symbiotic live show called “FRidaYs”. What was supposed to begin as just another average show, Turned into mayhem…orchestrated by yourself…wouldn’t you know? At the monologue…you began to protest, By the last skit, the whole stage was in full duress. A crazy prank…from someone who liked to push the envelope, Who in a weird and wacky way…thrilled us with anger, joy, and hope! That wouldn’t be the first time, this performer used a live TV show to promote, He pulled a stunt on Letterman…that effectively “got his goat” (Punk’d!). One shouldn’t play with wrestlers…even if they are in on the gag, Andy was lucky that Lawler didn’t send him home in a body bag! And one thing we all learned on that show, and on a Memphis night… You can get hurt, “Mr. Hollywood”…even on stage…a fight’s a fight! Another lesson we learned…was that some bad language can air on TV, Plus, Letterman was quick to point out, ”You just can’t throw cof-fee!” Tony Clifton, Imitating Elvis, or Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion, A genius of the Dadaistic comedic-realistic twist: Andy Kaufman. The show must go on…even if it’s manipulated by him as a “put-on”! At his mercy…with silly open eyeballs…during a “Mighty Mouse” song. I know personally that when he wrestled women…I thought he was a jerk, Oddly now…After all these years…I see some of the genius in his work, He was going for the laugh from your gut…even if it made you angry, After he was done with you…he would treat you to milk and coo-kies, Andy...if you’re out there…Please…tell us what is real and/or illusion? Somewhere in “Andy’s Funhouse”…I think you know…My friend. Or we'll just have to learn more about such things...from God in heaven, From Center Stage..."pushing our buttons"...As good at it as anyone has ever been, Appearing from that stage…somewhat silly…in your manipulated act, And then… "Boom”…you got us…leaving us confused as how to react, But…from your short-life now gone…Well…at least there is a grave headstone, Your antics have continued to live on and on…and continue to be well- known! ________________________________________________________ Tribute to Andy Kaufman: Performer Extraordinaire’. Born: January 17th, 1949, Died: May 16th, 1984, …Maybe ? Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved

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